Bob Dechert Announces Candidacy

Justin Trudeau needs to go and I need your help to get the job done!

Friends, we need to end this incompetent Trudeau Government in 2019 and I am ready to win Mississauga Erin-Mills back and help Andrew Scheer and our Conservative Party form the next Government of Canada.

We need to do our very best to help Andrew Scheer and our Party turn Canada around before Trudeau’s disastrous policies sink our nation’s prosperity and our children’s future.

As you know, with your help, I was able to put together the most successful conservative campaigns in Mississauga in the last 25 years.  Together, we built a broad coalition of conservative voters supported by a professional team that made every conservative vote count.

That is why my campaign in the 2008 general election in Mississauga Erindale was the only conservative campaign to win that   year in Mississauga.

We immediately got to work delivering the largest peacetime infrastructure investment in our City’s history between 2008-2011 and in the 2011 general election our Conservative Party swept every seat in Mississauga and Peel Region.

The Conservative Party has called the nomination process for the October 2019 general election and the timing is tight and I need your help.

The nomination will be also be contested by inexperienced first-time candidates. That is simply part of the democratic process.

Like the 2008 election, it won’t be easy to beat our Liberal opponents at the polls next year.  Experience counts. This is no time to learn the ropes.

We need to put our best team on the field to defeat Justin Trudeau and Iqra Khalid.  Canada is too precious for second best.

If you agree with me, I need you to join or renew your membership in the Conservative Party of Canada today and before October 4, 2018 and subsequently attend a brief nomination meeting on or after Saturday October 27th and vote for me, Bob Dechert to bring Mississauga Erin-Mills back into the Conservative caucus in Ottawa.

Together, we can get the job done!
Thank you for your support.  I look forward to seeing you at the nomination meeting.


Bob Dechert